Publish Your Book in One Day

publishedHow To Publish Your Book in One Day  -  Are you an aspiring writer?  Do you have a book you’ve been dreaming of publishing? Don’t have time? It’s a lot easier these days and FREE.

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You Be The Judge


This NEW one of a kind provocative book seeks your input!  You judge this collection of unique short stories.  Are they fact or fiction?   “You Be the Judge”  -  Do you know the difference between the truth and fiction?  Now you can test your skills with “You Be The Judge”.  And what do these stories have in common?   -  More Info Here

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Quick, Easy, & Cheap

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FREE Short Stories

Cstories4Do you like adventure, mystery, suspense, romance? Check out these video stories now!  I started a new facebook page which gives you access to many of my stories.  My stories are my legacy.  So enjoy and let me know how you like “The Awakening Collection.”

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For Your Next—–

microphonesFOR YOUR NEXT: Event, Meeting, Conference, Keynote, Class,  

Schedule Entertainer/Trainer Kathy Thompson Now!

Titles & Topics - “Yes, You Can Fly,”  “Your Heart is The Key,” “Fun With Fascinating Faces” “15 Truths You Should Know”, “The 7 Most Important Words,” “Predict & Prevent Violence,” “The Big Little Difference”, “Fight Stress & Win,” “My Strangest Best Friend”

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Are You Seeing The Light?

corner3Light is all around you. You give and receive light. You are the light.  Your face is no exception. Discover how 6 parts of your face reflect light.

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